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Men's Over 30 - Summer 2018 Alemania  v  Chuperamigos 8:30 PM MITCHEL  

Another Unexpected Championship Game
Thursday, March 9, 2017 3:12:24 PM

Well just like last season it appears the underdogs have dominated the playoffs and will be featured in the championship game next week. You have to enjoy a good upset!

The first semi-final match was between the 1 seed Bayside taking on the 4 seed Polonez NY in a pretty equal matchup on paper as both teams were itching for the coveted Globall Trophy. Bayside pounced on top of Polonez early as they took the early 2-0 lead and held their own on defense as their keeper made save after save while the defenders in front of him made block after block trying to preserve the 2 goal lead. Then the flood gates opened with under 10 minutes left in the game as Polonez scored a goal to cut the lead in half. With time ticking Bayside put up a valent effort on the defensive end but with 15 seconds left on the clock Marcin Januszko scored the game tying goal which forced the game to go into sudden death overtime. Both teams were hungry for the win as they both put up brick walls in front of their goals as the game was looking like it was going to go into PKs until it happened. Off a corner kick Bayside goalie punched the ball in front of his net perfectly setting up Konstantin Gorbatch for the perfect shot into the net for the game winning goal sending Polonez into the championship game and sealing the first upset of the night!

The next semi-final game was the 2 seed Coaches FC taking on the 3 seed Chile NY with the winner obviously facing Polonez in the championship game next week. Well Chile came out firing as they jumped into the lead quickly and never  let it go as they went on to win 7-3 with the help of Eduardo Espinoza’s 4 goals and Fransico Marchant’s 3 goals.

The next two games were games pitting the 5v6 and 7v8 with the first game being the 5 seed FC taking on the 6 seed Deportivo with the only thing on the line being pride. Well I guess FC is feeling more pride after tonight as they won the game by the score of 8-6 with the help of Alex Oliveria hat trick.

The final game of the night was the battle of the winless teams Tepeyac and Asaro both teams looking for their first win of the season. Well thanks to Pietro Asaro and Franklyn Solarte for each scoring 2 goals that helped lead Asaro ahead of Tepeyac by the score of 6-5.

Next week’s championship is going to be one epic game as the underdogs play for the coveted Globall Trophy and bragging rights across the country! Who’s going to win the championship? Tune in next week only at Globall Sports Center. You got game? We want you to play!

Championship Game is Set
Wednesday, March 8, 2017 12:09:07 AM

Well the championship game that everyone was expecting isn’t going to be happening after all. Instead one team pulled off a huge upset to make it into the championship game and they are going to be playing against the top dogs in the league next week

First off before we get to the semi-finals we had an exhibition game take place as the Bethpage Strikers took on the Bethpage Bandits in the office battle of the century. Last week the Bandits took the win and this week the Strikers were out for revenge. Well revenge is best served cold as they beat their arch rivals by the score of 6-5 with the help of Dana Yool scoring 2 goals in the win. The tie-breaker will be played next week. The losing team will be buying breakfast for the office the next day (ok maybe not but they should!).

Now time to get into the thick of it as the first semi-final game pitted Bout to Get Messi and PBA FC in the 1v4 game of the night. Well there wasn’t any surprise in this match as Messi cruised to an easy win over PBA by the score of 11-2. Ashley Guerrero scored 5 goals in the win as well.

Now here is the game of the night as the 2v3 game was between Lucas’ Little Leos and Mixed Nuts. Now earlier in the season Lucas dominated Mixed Nuts and everyone expected them to do the same thing again tonight in the semi-final game, but Mixed Nuts had a different plan in mind. They came out firing as Adam Whitehead launched a near half field shot into the net minutes into the game and it was a battle ever since. Mixed Nuts never gave up the lead throughout the match and just managed to squeak out an 8-7 victory over the Little Leos. Jennifer Roveto and Adam Whitehead each scored a hat trick in the match.

Next week’s championship game will feature the 1 seed Bout to get Messi taking on the 3 seed Mixed Nuts in the championship game if the century! Only one team can claim the most coveted and desired trophy in sports next week. Who will that team be? Well there’s only one place to find out, Globall Sports Center! You got game? We want you to play!

Interesting… Just Interesting
Tuesday, February 28, 2017 12:45:41 AM

With 10 teams and only 4 playoff spots available every game counts as only 40% of the teams make it into the Globall Sports Center playoffs. Every team wants that trophy at the end so it is no surprise when the tension rises the closer it gets to the end of the season.

The first game of the week was between Sporting FC and PBD Academy where neither team had their regular goalie in the lineup that night. However the score didn’t really show that as Tommy Vlahos and David Ferreira stepped up in net and kept the game close and competitive. However Sporting FC still came out on top by the score of 6-4 thanks in large part to Zach Gould and Michael Carlos each scoring a hat trick in the match.

The next game of the week was between the two greatest team names ever in Monday Sauce and 2 Goals 1 Cup. If there were a championship between teams with the best names these two would be in the finals for sure. However the top 4 teams in the league are determined based off points so because of that Monday Sauce claimed the crucial 3 points when they won the game by the score of 6-4. Anthony Castillo participated in every goal score by scoring 5 goals and adding an assist in the 6th goal as well.

The third game was between Gold Coast Fc and Astoria United as Astoria wanted to keep their already strong lead in the league and with the win tonight they held the lead. It was an easy win as they came out on top by the score of 7-2 with the help of George Spanos hat trick.

The fourth game of the week was the Pancyprian Rejects taking on CYP FC in another exciting match up with neither team having any subs during the game. This game was all about endurance and who can last the longest without getting winded. In the end Pancyprian lasted the longest as they came out on top by the score of 6-4 with the help of Christos Zisimatos scoring 4 goals in the win.

The final game of the week took place between the Massholes and Alemania as the Massholes were looking to bring the first loss in recent Alemania history. Boy were they successful in doing that as they blew them away by the score of 7-2 while being carried on the back of Jimmy Nealis who scored 4 goals in the win.

With this week’s results some teams have been eliminated from the playoffs while others inch closer to clinching a birth in it. Nothing has been set in stone quite yet as far as clinching a spot but that may change next week. Who’s going to clinch? Find out only at Globall Sports Center. You got game? We want you to play!

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